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Private Coaching

Individualized guidance customized to exactly where you are and where you want to be.

Service Description

Whether you just want to dip your toe in and see if voice acting is for you, learn more of the basics and give it a go, or maybe you're already a working actor, but your booking ratio isn't where you want it to be, working with Jordan will get you there. For those starting out, you'll learn things like: Equipment Chain Recording Session Etiquette Basic Mic Technique Script Analysis Types of VO Work Demos: Types, Where to Get One, etc. Working with Agencies Where to Find VO Work Charging for VO Work Networking You will be given the opportunity to record and perform scripts to apply all you've learned and better hone your believability skills. If you’ve ever had any questions and curiosities about the voice acting industry, or if you're looking for a fresh energizing boost, working one on one with Jordan will get you where you want to be – and you'll have a ton of fun doing it! All taught by an industry leading professional actor who books regularly while still teaching!

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Austin, TX, USA

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